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Some answers to your questions! Have more? Contact us!

  • What can I expect during a class?
    Our classes are typically set up around a theme with several different stations to choose from. Classes are child-led meaning there is no time limit or order to the stations. Children will work with their grown up for as long as they want at whatever station they want. ​ Children will nurture their creativity through the freedom of simply playing with different materials. They will feel in control of their experience by choosing how and what to experiment with during class. Grown ups will stay with their child throughout class to ensure their safety and will enjoy observing their learning process!
  • Will my child have art to take home?
    While we will have finished projects to take home we focus mostly on "process art." Process art does not focus on the end product but on the process itself. Children will learn and experiment with different materials during class. By letting them be in control of their experience, rather than leading them to create a specific, adult-led project (like a "craft project), we allow their own creativity to come through! It is so fun to see what they come up with themselves.
  • My child still puts a lot of things in their mouth - is this class for us?
    We will be working with a variety of art and sensory materials. While it is all non-toxic it is definitely not meant to be eaten! Grown ups are required to stay with their child during class to ensure their safety and keep materials in the appropriate places. You know your child best - if this already sounds like it will not be enjoyable for you or your child because your child will want to eat everything this may not be the class for you - yet! Wait for our next session and re-evaluate if they are ready or not. They do grow out of this phase - I promise!
  • My child has allergies - will this class be safe for them?
    We will be using a variety of materials in class which will very often include food materials. Nothing in class is meant to be eaten but some kids may be tempted to put the materials in their mouths. If your child has a severe allergy, please contact us before signing up for class!
  • Can siblings attend class?
    Siblings within the age range of the class must also sign up and pay for the class. Siblings 12 months of age or younger are welcome in class but must be held or in a carrier and cannot participate for safety reasons. Siblings over 12 months of age who are not signed up for class cannot attend class and other childcare should be arranged for them.
  • What should we wear to class?
    We will provide aprons for children and most materials will be "washable" but you will want to dress you and your child in clothing you won't mind getting potentially dirty/wet/painted on. I recommend having a set of "art clothes" (including shoes) for your child that they can wear each week to class. These should be comfortable for play and not clothes that you are attached to/mind getting paint on. I would also recommend having a set of clothes in the car to change into after class if needed. For our outdoor classes at Allegheny RiverTrail Park you will also want to check the weather forecast for the day and dress appropriately! We will be in a covered area for light rain but please dress appropriately for temperature.
  • What is your covid/sickness policy?
    If you or your child have any symptoms of any illness, please do not attend class! Masks are recommended but will only be required if the covid community transmission level for our county is "high" as determined by the CDC. Everyone will be required to either wash hands or use hand sanitizer before the start of every class to prevent the spread of illness. If your child needs a specific hand sanitizer, please bring it to class with you. Please see the FAQ for make-up classes for more information on missed classes.
  • What is your class makeup policy?
    Depending on availability in our other classes during a session, you may be able to make up a missed class in the other time/day during the same session only. This is not guaranteed. Please contact me to see if making up a class is possible. For classes at Allegheny RiverTrail Park - we will make all attempts to hold class regardless of weather. We will be in a covered area in the case of snow or light rain. In the case of very inclement weather (strong winds or rain/thunder/lightning) we will cancel class and let you know as soon as possible before class. There will be one additional week at the end of the session when we will hold a make up class for the missed class due to weather only.
  • Why is it named Dah Dah?
    Dah Dah is named after the Dada art movement of the early 20th century whose philosophy, in part, focused on the process of creating art rather than the final outcome. This is a guiding inspiration for the art we'll be doing in our classes! We added the "h" for pronunciation and because we like to add "h's" to the ends of things here in Pittsburgh ;)
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